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(Photo: Tommas Titus Kurniawan)

Lecture of Dadang Cristanto
�The International Contemporary Art Practice:

Looking at Outside Through Inside�

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
at 7 pm

Dadang Christanto is one of the most famous of Indonesia contemporary artists. Based in Brisbane, Australia, and gained a worldwide reputation. He also known as a good art essayist especially on sociology of art.

He delivered a lecture on the international contemporary art practice. He stressed on how artists must fully pay attentions on current issues and develop his intelectual skills to become good artists. Some 50 attendances seriously involved and took part to a vigorous discussion after his speech.

The event is considered as an important moment for the development of our local art world. And this was the last event of Rumah Seni Yaitu which is closed forever from any arts activities starting the year 2010.

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