Late Edition: CAPO

[Photo: Collection of Importal]
It was a fancy exhibition which attracted youths to come. Hundreds of young people who are mostly students enjoyed the toys displayed for ten days, April 6 to 15.

Capo is a custom toy created by Aewox Team which is the creative team of a clothing line based in Bandung, NLS. It stands for No Label Stuff. Firstly this toy arranged to be the mascot of NLS. But this toy was admired by many young artists who then changed and customed it as an art work. And finally all the works were traveled and exhibited at Yogya and Semarang.

In Semarang the toys were exhibited at Rumah Seni Yaitu. And this show was one of the most attracted exhibitions we ever made. Everyday tens of visitors came in.

Fifty four young emerging artists took part to it. This programme was handled by two young local artists, they were Rizki Lazuardi and Damar Ardi.

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