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What is WWW.MACHO?

Design: Rizky Lazuardi

This is about a book discussing the arts of Nindityo Adipurnomo. This Semarang � Central Java � born artist is known as the founder, with his wife Mella Jaarsma, of Cemeti Art House (CAH), Yogyakarta.

The Indonesian art scene note this art space as a leading in showing contemporary art today. It was Cemeti Gallery, changed again to Cemeti Modern Art Gallery, and then became as Cemeti Contemporary Art Gallery. Since 1999 the legendary art space is widely known as CAH. The logo is �dot inside a circle� in purple color.

For their tireless efforts running the art space and introducing Indonesian contemporary art to worldwide, then, they�re honored John D Rockefeller Awards, 2005. This couple are also welknown as excellent artists.

Four female writers � they are Alia Swastika, Farah Wardani, Iola Lenzi, and Amanda K. Rath � contribute their reading on Adipurnomo�s works, especially in his �konde� series. Konde is a traditional Javanese hairpiecing. And the book titled �WWW.MACHO� is named as one of the artist�s exhibitions.

Alia Swastika, now the Artistic Manager of Cemeti Art House, is a writer and begin developing an interest in cross diciplinary curatorial practices with main foci an issues around women, young people and identity. The Executive Director of Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA) Yogyakarta, Farah Wardani, is the other contributor to the book. Wardani is also known as an editor of Visual Arts magazine. Her resume comprises working in the fields of visual communication, design, education, media, art journalism, criticism, curating and management. Iola Lenzi, a Canadian-educated lawyer, is a Singapore-based critic, arts writer and curator. She is the Singapore correspondent for the Asian Art Newspaper, London as well as a contributor to Asian Art News, Hong Kong and Eyeline, Queensland, Australia. And Amanda K. Rath currently completing her desertation on �alternative art� practices, and the discourse of aesthetic and art criticism in Indonesia (1975-2000). She is a writer majoring in modern and contemporary art, art criticism and visual culture from Indonesia and Malaysia for the last ten years.

The book then launched and discussed on Saturday, August 11th 2007, at Gramedia Book Store Semarang, Central Java. Rumah Seni Yaitu organised it. Donny Danardono from Soegijapranata Catholic University and Triyono Lukmantoro from Diponegoro University give their opinions based on the topics of the book. The artist Nindityo Adipurnomo also attended the session.

The �WWW.MACHO� is now available at Rumah Seni Yaitu.***

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