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COLOR ME BADD by I Made Aswino Aji

Solo Exhibition
by I Made Aswino Aji

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
at 7 pm

May 7�30, 2009

Opening time:
10 am to 5 pm

�I believe that an exhibition is not a final goal of an artist. A show is a long way process to end to better works,� said I Made Aswino Aji (32).

In his latest solo exhibition, Aji will let audiences to participate in the show by freeing them to add something or fill more colors to his works. By introducing this modus Aji, born in Bali, seems to negate personal and individualistic ways of making art works which are very glorified in the modern thought.

Audiences then will change the characteristic of his works. Aji�s works will not be the same anymore from the first look. Finally the art works can be good, better, or even worse.

The characters of his drawings are figures with long-shaped noses. His works are full of colors and some are enriched with ornaments. Those reflect kid�s worlds or fantasies. Cheerful. Refreshing. Thrilling.

Come on, let�s draw with Aji. Let�s be an artist by participating to Aji�s show. Show your own works in the gallery.

The exhibition is fully opened or public with no admission fee.

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