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The Pleasure of the Text

Solo Exhibition
“The Pleasure of the Text”

Erik Pauhrizi
Curated by:
Heru Hikayat

Friday, October 31, 2008
at 7:00 pm

November 1 – 15, 2008

Open daily except holidays:
10 am – 5 pm
Free, no admission.
ERIK PAUHRIZI graduated from Fine Art and Design Faculty of Bandung Institute of Technology�majoring in textile craft and minor media art, 2005. Cum Laude.

There are tens of paintings (acrylic on canvases), drawings, and digital prints in his first solo exhibition �The Pleasure of the Text��curated by Heru Hikayat. All of his works are in black and white tone, monocromatic. Actually not of its �color� he is willing to show, but he is intending to wipe up the subject or the reference where they were firstly belonged. The origin traces, for instance faces, are blurred.

According to the curator, Pauhrizi is not trying to show his personal uniqeness through his works, instead he dives into the sea of quotations� imagery. This is not only a signs pleasure with no end�a sign to refer another sign�but also unlimittedly exchanging the position of �reader-author�.

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