Late Edition: Book Discussion

Sigit Susanto is a friend of mine. We met and studied in a college around twenty five years ago. After graduating we never met again for (alas!) more than twenty years. Then last year he called me from his home town, Boja, where is a small town fourty kilometers south of Semarang.

For my surprised, Sigit is living in Switszerland with his wife who is a native of the country. The most surprising thing is: Sigit transforms as a travel writer with his depth intention on literature. He travelled twenty six countries so far. He pays his attentions on James Joyce, Franz Kafka, and so on. And he had written four books. His last one was titled �Menyusuri Lorong-lorong Dunia 2�. The book was published by Insist Press and it consist of 478 pages with index and glossary. In his new book Sigit telling his experiences when he traveled to Vietnam, China, Morocco, Portugal, Irlandia and Hongaria.

Sigit�s new book was lunched at Rumah Seni Yaitu at May 12. More than seventy people took part to the discussion. Donny Danardono a lecturer of Soegijapranata Catholic University gave his essay on Sigit�s book.

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