Words are Alive

TIMUR Sinar Suprabana suddenly stepped forward and said, �Yes, let me read your poems.� He then grabbed the book and started to find out which poems he like to. Audience were kept quite and waiting for the show. It was Thursday night, April 3rd.

The most famous Semarang�s poet explained why he was so happy to read those poems � two poems precisely � of Aan Mansyur and Faisal Kamandobat: �I honor both of you as I deeply give my respect to Rendra who ever read my poems.� Rendra, as he said, was only ever read poems from two poet, they are of his and Sitok Srengenge�s. Rendra probably is the very most outstanding Indonesian poet and is attributed as �The Peacock�.

With his theatrical waving body, Timur, as he is called by friends, then pronounced words as if they were alive and got their maximum performances. People were hipnotised and clapped their hands at the end of the reading. No, no one here can be compared to the poet whom I know him some twenty years ago. Timur is still the best for poetry reading.

The poet came to RSY with Sitok Srengenge and Triyanto Triwikromo. The last two are poet and short stories writer. Sitok spent his youth in Semarang before then moved to Jakarta. He is the owner of Kata Kita publisher. Meanwhile TT, short name of Triyanto Triwikromo, is an editor at local newspaper. He is one of Indonesian leading short stories writers. These two writers now are often going abroad to join some literary and poetry parades.

They and the crowd were enjoying the books� launch and discussion. Two young poets � M. Aan Mansyur from Makassar dan Faisal Kamandobat from Yogya � brought their books. Aan�s �Aku Hendak Pindah Rumah� (Nala Cipta Litera publisher) and Faisal�s �Alangkah Tolol Patung Ini� (Olongia publisher).

Those young poets explained their creative ways how to write down their poems. Faisal said that he deeply want to write using basic and pure words he could find. Observing on daily lives in Makassar then Aan expressed them into poems. Both two poets are good enough in their lirics.

The discussion was moderated by Adhitya, a journalist, from Kudus. Komunitasku, a group of young people who are concerned on theatre and literary practices, organised the event with excellent report.

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