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The Past-The Forgotten Time

[�The Past-The Forgotten Time� is going to show at Saturday, September 15, and goes to October 8, 2007. The artists are: Agus Suwage, Eko Nugroho, Irwan Ahmett, Prilla Tania, Wimo Ambala Bayang, and Yuli Prayitno. Mrs Widjajanti Dharmowijono, a doctor candidate of Amsterdam University, will officiate the exhibition and it followed by artists� talks then. The management of Rumah Seni Yaitu welcome art lovers to enjoy this exhibition with no admission.]

DURING 1930-1960 the social, political and cultural lives of Indonesian sities cited changed. Some scholars from Gajah mada University researched these changes with the help of Netherlands Institute of War Documentation/ NIOD, Amsterdam. The project is called �Indonesia Across Orders: The Reorganization of Indonesian Society, 1930-1960�.

On the cultural level, the reality of urban symbolism in Indonesia belongs to its past historical process. How the changes happened from cities with colonial-culture symbolism to become ones with the Indonesian-cultural signs at the era before 1960? Are the images and the symbolic cultural identities of postcolonial urban Indonesia truly different than what they were proviously?

This exhibition is interpretation of six Indonesian artists on the research. Those artists are selected by the management of Cemeti Art House, as the producer of the exhibition, for the reasons what they are doing is based on research processes besides their strong visual aspects.

�The Past-The Forgotten Time� was exhibited at Artoteek Den Haag-The Hague, NIOD-Amsterdam, Cemeti Art House-Yogyakarta, and Erasmushuis-Jakarta. Then it is going to BizArt-Shanghai (Nov 2007) and Singapore Fringe Festival 2008.***

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