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Great Hamad!

Hamad Khalaf (center), Mr Deddy Irianto (left), and Mr Alexander Ming (right) at the Opening.

Photo: Ferintus Karbon

Hamad Khalaf, the Kuwait born artist, delivered his speech in Urban and Environment Dept., Post Graduate Program, of Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang, Friday (7/9). He shared his ideas based on his art works. These, in bare words, are about �the art and the war�.

“Boot” by Hamad Khalaf
2007 – acrylic, enamel on canvas – 130X130 cm
Some lecturers, students, and persons who are interested on arts enthusiastically attended his class. For some people it�s quite strange to know a Kuwait citizen being a contemporary artist of which Kuwait has famous reputation as a rich petroleum country in Gulf Coast. But, truly speaking, Khalaf is an exception.

He also an exception in the recent Indonesian art scene for the reasons that he was invited exhibiting his works at some leading galleries and alternative art spaces in the same time. He did exhibited at Gaya Fusion Gallery, Nadi Gallery, ITB Soemardja Gallery, and Rumah Seni Yaitu. And next October he is going to show his works to public at Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta. The other reason is he achieved excellent reviews from Indonesian big medias, such as Kompas, Media Indonesia, Jakarta Post, and also Suara Merdeka. Some critics mentioned that Khalaf�s works are interesting and unique.

Khalaf is exploring historical artifacts � such as the ones from Gulf War e.g. military helmets, uniforms, gloves, gas masks, flasks, and others � and painted them with ancient Greek mythology. �Khalaf blows life into these Iraqi military items with artistic gusto,� says senior art writer Carla Bianpoen.

Krisna Murti, a senior Indonesian artist who is working with video, enjoyed Khalaf�s show at Rumah Seni Yaitu, Friday afternoon (7/9). Mr Murti, who is also known as an influential art critic, was very pleased to see Khalaf�s works.

And Mr Murti is going to show his premier solo exhibition next March. Definitely he is exhibiting at Rumah Seni Yaitu.***

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