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Rembering Indies: Rogier Boon

Photo: Ferintus Karbon

Last night, Tuesday 3th, there was an opening ceremony of Rogier Boon‘s exhibition. He was known as a designer for Tong-Tong Magazine and Pasar Malam Besar at Den Haag during his productive years.

Rogier was born in Meeter Cornelis, Batavia (now is Jatinegara, Jakarta) in 1937. Then in his seventeen’s birthday he came ‘home’ to Netherland. Then a chapter of his lilfe began. His father, Tjalie Robinson, took very important influential to his life. Tjalie was a leading journalist at the time. He was very proud being an ‘Indo’ means ‘indies’, a mix culture between Ducth and Indonesian.

The exhibition itself shows many graphic art-works of Rogier’s. Truely speaking his works are quite interesting showing many local designs which local artists are not concerning anymore.***

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