Seni Rupa

A Short History of Why

Entang Wiharso’s art work.
Photo by Ferintus Karbon.

EVERYBODY, whom at the first time hear the name of the art space I’m handling in, will always ask “Why do you name your art space with Rumah Seni Yaitu?”. The second question is “What does it mean?” In Bahasa, “yaitu” is only a particle. It does not have existed meaning if not set with other word(s). Simply in English, “yaitu” similar to “that is”. So the “Rumah Seni Yaitu” can be translate into “Art House Is”. As a name for a location refers to an art space the name “Rumah Seni Yaitu” has not finished yet in its meaning. It does not have a fully meaning indeed. But that’s what I truly want to name the space!

First, I want to interpelate myself to what I thought about “what does an art space truly mean” and to “what I’m going to do with the space I built”. In this case I should always think and think and fulfill the space with many usefull activities. Such activities not only should be interested, but also have theirs intrinsic values. At least, activities executed in the art house will give benefits to its audience. For these reasons, frankly speaking, the name “Rumah Seni Yaitu” has its honest role: it does not reached its shapes yet! And you could also describe it with your own thougts.

Second, the name is intended to disconstruc the other art houses allready existed in Indonesia. Why do art houses should be constructed. What they do to make contributions to the art-world so far. What are theirs roles in the future. What excitements can they give to the owners. And many many questions are blown in my head.

Now Rumah Seni Yaitu is almost two years old, next August. I must ask myself, so far how long it’s been walking through? Does it make me happy? Do anybody or institutions give their generous attentions?

Can you follow me?***

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